the brand new Freerace sail

The Mission is a brand new twin cambered Free race sail to the Vandal range. We thought it was about time to extend our sail range and build on the incredibly fast Stitch. So, we thought we’d throw in a couple of cams and a new intelligent mast sleeve system to create an even faster racing machine.

Firstly, the Mission is all about better wind ranges, earlier acceleration and speed. To deliver that we introduced a new intelligent mast sleeve concept… Starting from the top of the mast we have a narrow sleeve down to the first snap on camber that sits just above the boom. Right here we opened up the mast sleeve to give a deeper more powerful profile giving you all the acceleration and top end speed you can handle.

Secondly, we didn’t want to have all this power without it being comfortable and easy to use. So by having the narrow sleeve in the upper body of the sail and the powerful profile at the centre of the sail, we have created a lightweight stable feeling in the hand, perfect for going fast and laying into gybes.

An incredibly fast twin cambered race sail.
Deep profile for early planing and acceleration.
Easy for water starting with the introduction of cams.
Folded back tack patching and silicon batten bumpers protects the stitching from grinding on your board and ground.
Strap-on systems keeps your sail rolled up tight.
Did we say it was fast?