Enemy HD

The Enemy is our hardcore wave sail designed to cope with everything there is to be thrown at it. For 2017 we have made some major adjustments not only to the design but also by upgrading the entire range to a bombproof HD construction.

The 2017 Enemy now comes with a shorter mast and longer boom lengths benefiting in a more compact, stable feeling in the hands. We’ve also added more surface area in the top of the sail and given a deeper profile in the centre of the sail. By doing this, the Enemy now has less loose leech and much more power for onshore wave conditions. The perfectly suited sail for all heavyweight riders.

We are really excited to introduce the newly improved Power Horse, the 2017 Enemy in HD.



  • A heavy duty, rugged wave sail for all wavesailing conditions
  • Enemy HD comes with 2ply and x-ply throughout
  • A lower clew position provides easy control and balance throughout aggressive bottom turns
  • Dacron luff panel works to either a flat or deep profile depending on the outhaul preference
  • Folded back tack patching and silicon batten bumpers protects the stitching from grinding on your board and ground
  • Strap-on systems keeps your sail rolled up tight